Don Springer

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Don Springer

Senior Director – Board Governance & Strategy

Don Springer has a personal mission to add value to any endeavor. He leverages his CEO and board of directors experience, in combination with the latest research, to provide actionable strategies that ignite and accelerate growth for nonprofits. He is adept at developing business plans for social enterprises to help nonprofits increase sustainability.

Don has served on the boards of technology, health care and service companies as well as nonprofit boards. He is presently Chairman of The Colton Group, Inc., a strategic advisory firm. He also serves as an advisory board member of UT Dallas’ Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance (IECG), which develops and communicates thought leadership on governance issues for public and private companies, governmental and nonprofit organizations. He serves the Institute’s strategy committee, the developer of the Governance Capital Model, a new approach to governance in a dynamic, distributed, and networked world.

Don has served as President of a global technology and services subsidiary of Ford Motor Co., CEO of a Microsoft value-added reseller, Executive Vice President of an EDS venture, CEO of multiple venture-backed startups and had an early career at Texas Instruments.

He has been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, the University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management, and presently is a regular lecturer at SMU’s Cox School of Business Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. Don and his wife enjoy cooking together, the arts, literature, and continuing education.