Thought Leadership – Key Marketing Strategy for Nonprofits Too!

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During the last few years, many businesses have recognized the value of thought leadership to build awareness, develop customer leads, enhance their brands and spur revenue. But can thought leadership also be worth the effort for nonprofits? YES! What's thought leadership? It's a person or organization "that is recognized as an authority in

Is It Sunny or Cloudy at Your Workplace?

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What are staff workplace concerns, how broadly held are they and how strongly are they felt? One way to gain a better, more comprehensive grasp is to conduct a Staff Quality of Work Life Survey. Such a survey can assess staff perceptions and concerns, identify positive changes and lead to higher job satisfaction

How to write a tasty blog post – try a Croque Monsieur!

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The first time I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich in French, I received one ham sandwich and one cheese sandwich! Then I discovered the Croque Monsieur, the French take on a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. It makes a tasty lunch – and can be a great nonprofit marketing recipe for writing

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